Welcome to NG Script Depo! This is a collection of Waypoint and Scripts to be used with the popular TibiaNG.

Welcome to Ng Script Depo. Here we hope you can find all they waypoints and scripts for TibiaNg that you will ever need.
As you may notice some of are section are incomplete. That is because we are redoing the site's layout and flow. Also we
only have me putting content on here at the moment so if you think you would like to help me improve upon this site. Just 
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Update 10/18/08

  • Added
    • Kaz Area Waypoints
      • Dwarf1 Low Level
      • Dwarf2 Low Level
      • Dwarf3 Low Level
      • Dwarf4 Low Level
      • Dwarf6 Low Level
  • Comming Soon!
    • Svargrond
      • West Barb
      • East Barb
      • Large Barb Mid Level
      • Large Barb High Level
      • Large Barb Full
      • Ice Witch Tower
    • Kaz
      • Dwarf5 Low Level
      • Dwarf1 Mid Level
      • Dwarf2 Mid Level
      • Dwarf3 Mid Level
      • Dwarf4 Mid Level
      • Dwarf5 Mid Level
      • Dwarf6 Mid Level

Update 10/14/08

  • Added
    • Ab'Dendrial Wasp

Update 10/3/08

  • Added
    • Edron Goblins

Update 9/27/08

  • Added
    • Port Hope Swamp Trolls
    • Port Hope Swamp Trolls + Beholder
    • Port Hope Smugglers
    • Items ID's (Boots)

Update 9/26/08

Decided to redo alot of the site. Content will be lost and re-added in a easyer and more decriptive ways
  • Updated Port Hope Waypoints. More to come in the next few days.
  • Added Items Id's
    • Armor
    • Helmets
    • Legs
    • Coins

Update 1/28/08

Update 1/22/08

There are no waypoints hosted at the moment. Dew to them all being redone.
  • Removed
    • All waypoint files (Dew to update they need to be remade, Most where not working)]
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