Name Item #
Amazon Armor 3394 Amazon_Armor.gif
Ball Gown Ball_Gown.gif
Belted Cape Belted_Cape.gif
Blue Robe 3567 Blue_Robe.gif
Brass Armor 3359 Brass_Armor.gif
Cape Cape.gif
Chain Armor 3358 Chain_Armor.gif
Coat Coat.gif
Crown Armor 3381 Crown_Armor.gif
Crystalline Armor Crystalline_Armor.gif
Dark Armor 3383 Dark_Armor.gif
Dark Lord's Cape Dark_Lord's_Cape.gif
Demon Armor 3888 Demon_Armor.gif
Doublet 3379 Doublet.gif
Dragon Robe Dragon_Robe.gif
Dragon Scale Mail 3386 Dragon_Scale_Mail.gif
Dwarven Armor 3397 Dwarven_Armor.gif
Earthborn Titan Armor Earthborn_Titan_Armor.gif
Ethno Coat Ethno_Coat.gif
Fireborn Giant Armor Fireborn_Giant_Armor.gif
Focus Cape Focus_Cape.gif
Frozen Plate Frozen_Plate.gif
Girl's Dress Girl's_Dress.gif
Glacier Robe 824 Glacier_Robe.gif
Golden Armor 3360 Golden_Armor.gif
Green Tunic Green_Tunic.gif
Greenwood Coat Greenwood_Coat.gif
Hibiscus Dress Hibiscus_Dress.gif
Jacket Jacket.gif
Knight Armor 3370 Knight_Armor.gif
Lavos Armor Lavos_Armor.gif
Leather Armor 3361 Leather_Armor.gif
Leopard Armor 3404 Leopard_Armor.gif
Lightning Robe 825 Lightning_Robe.gif
Magic Plate Armor 3366 Magic_Plate_Armor.gif
Magician's Robe Magician's_Robe.gif
Magma Coat 826 Magma_Coat.gif
Mammoth Fur Cape 7463 Mammoth_Fur_Cape.gif
Master Archer's Armor Master_Archer's_Armor.gif
Noble Armor 3380 Noble_Armor.gif
Oceanborn Leviathan Armor Oceanborn_Leviathan_Armor.gif
Paladin Armor Paladin_Armor.gif
Pirate Shirt 6095 Pirate_Shirt.gif
Plate Armor 3357 Plate_Armor.gif
Ranger's Cloak Ranger's_Cloak.gif
Red Robe 3566 Red_Robe.gif
Red Tunic Red_Tunic.gif
Robe of the Underworld Robe_of_the_Underworld.gif
Scale Armor 3377 Scale_Armor.gif
Serpent Coat Serpent_Coat.gif
Simple Dress Simple_Dress.gif
Skullcracker Armor Skullcracker_Armor.gif
Spirit Cloak Spirit_Cloak.gif
Studded Armor 3378 Studded_Armor.gif
Summer Dress Summer_Dress.gif
Terra Mantle 811 Terra_Mantle.gif
Tunic Tunic.gif
Voltage Armor Voltage_Armor.gif
White Dress White_Dress.gif
Windborn Colossus Armor Windborn_Colossus_Armor.gif
Witchhunter's Cloak Witchhunter's_Cloak.gif
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