Name Item #
Boots of Haste 3097 Boots_of_Haste.gif
Boots of Waterwalking 6132/2358 Boots_of_Waterwalking.gif
Bunnyslippers Bunnyslippers.gif
Crocodile Boots 3556 Crocodile_Boots.gif
Fur Boots 7457 Fur_Boots.gif
Glacier Shoes Glacier_Shoes.gif
Golden Boots 3555 Golden_Boots.gif
Leather Boots 3552 Leather_Boots.gif
Lightning Boots 820 Lightning_Boots.gif
Magma Boots Magma_Boots.gif
Patched Boots Patched_Boots.gif
Pirate Boots 5461 Pirate_Boots.gif
Sandals Sandals.gif
Soft Boots 6529 Soft_Boots.gif
Steel Boots 3554 Steel_Boots.gif
Terra Boots 813 Terra_Boots.gif
Worn Soft Boots Worn_Soft_Boots.gif
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