Name Item #
Amazon Helmet Amazon_Helmet.gif
Ancient Tiara Ancient_Tiara.gif
Bandana Bandana.gif
Beholder Helmet 3408 Beholder_Helmet.gif
Brass Helmet 3354 Brass_Helmet.gif
Ceremonial Mask Ceremonial_Mask.gif
Chain Helmet 3352 Chain_Helmet.gif
Charmer's Tiara 3407 Charmer's_Tiara.gif
Crown Helmet 3385 Crown_Helmet.gif
Crusader Helmet 3391 Crusader_Helmet.gif
Damaged Helmet Damaged_Helmet.gif
Dark Helmet 3384 Dark_Helmet.gif
Demon Helmet 3387 Demon_Helmet.gif
Devil Helmet 3356 Devil_Helmet.gif
Dragon Scale Helmet 3400 Dragon_Scale_Helmet.gif
Dwarven Helmet 2502 Dwarven_Helmet.gif
Earmuffs Earmuffs.gif
Feather Headdress 3406 Feather_Headdress.gif
Ferumbras' Hat 5903 Ferumbras'_Hat.gif
Full Helmet of the Ancients Full_Helmet_of_the_Ancients.gif
Fur Cap 7458 Fur_Cap.gif
Glacier Mask 829 Glacier_Mask.gif
Golden Helmet 3365 Golden_Helmet.gif
Hat of the Mad Hat_of_the_Mad.gif
Helmet of the Ancients Helmet_of_the_Ancients.gif
Helmet of the Deep Helmet_of_the_Deep.gif
Horned Helmet 3390 Horned_Helmet.gif
Horseman Helmet 3405 Horseman_Helmet.gif
Iron Helmet 3353 Iron_Helmet.gif
Jester Hat Jester_Hat.gif
Krimhorn Helmet 7461 Krimhorn_Helmet.gif
Leather Helmet 3355 Leather_Helmet.gif
Legion Helmet 3374 Legion_Helmet.gif
Lightning Headband 828 Lightning_Headband.gif
Mage Hat Mage_Hat.gif
Magician Hat 3573 Magician_Hat.gif
Magma Monocle 7900 Magma_Monocle.gif
Mining Helmet Mining_Helmet.gif
Mystic Turban 3574 Mystic_Turban.gif
Party Hat Party_Hat.gif
Pirate Hat 6096 Pirate_Hat.gif
Post Officers Hat Post_Officers_Hat.gif
Ragnir Helmet 7462 Ragnir_Helmet.gif
Royal Helmet 3392 Royal_Helmet.gif
Santa Hat Santa_Hat.gif
Skull Helmet Skull_Helmet.gif
Soldier Helmet 3375 Soldier_Helmet.gif
Steel Helmet 3351 Steel_Helmet.gif
Strange Helmet Strange_Helmet.gif
Studded Helmet 3376 Studded_Helmet.gif
Terra Hood 830 Terra_Hood.gif
Tribal Mask 3403 Tribal_Mask.gif
Viking Helmet 3367 Viking_Helmet.gif
Warrior Helmet 3369 Warrior_Helmet.gif
Winged Helmet 3368 Winged_Helmet.gif
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