Name Item #
Bast Skirt 3560 Bast_Skirt.gif
Blue Legs 7730 Blue_Legs.gif
Brass Legs 3372 Brass_Legs.gif
Chain Legs 3558 Chain_Legs.gif
Crown Legs 3382 Crown_Legs.gif
Demon Legs 3389 Demon_Legs.gif
Dragon Scale Legs 3363 Dragon_Scale_Legs.gif
Glacier Kilt 823 Glacier_Kilt.gif
Golden Legs 3364 Golden_Legs.gif
Knight Legs 3371 Knight_Legs.gif
Leather Legs 3559 Leather_Legs.gif
Lightning Legs 822 Lightning_Legs.gif
Magma Legs 821 Magma_Legs.gif
Mammoth Fur Shorts 7464 Mammoth_Fur_Shorts.gif
Pirate Knee Breeches Pirate_Knee_Breeches.gif
Plate Legs 3557 Plate_Legs.gif
Ranger Legs Ranger_Legs.gif
Studded Legs 3362 Studded_Legs.gif
Terra Legs 812 Terra_Legs.gif
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