You can start this Bot up from the depo. It'll walk you out to the smugglers, But if you do that be prepared to face some slimes on the way. This waypoint isn't all that great for any caster class dew to the smugglers have kinda high hit points for the exp they are worth so if you use a wand it's not very mana to exp efficient. This waypoint is good for knights to use for skill training on non PVP worlds.

EXP/H GP/H Waypoint Download
12-18k .5-1k Loot Download
Monsters Loot ID#
Smugglers Deer Trophy 7397
Bandit Mace 3286
Wolf Sword 3264
War Hammer 3279
Brass Shield 3411
Iron Helmet 3353
Brass Armor 3359
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